Fast Time Constant is the acoustic and harmony duo of Andy Mason
and Joshua Belter. Their critically acclaimed debut CD "For Lease"
is available on iTunes. Fast Time Constant are currently in the
studio working on their second album.

Andy's music is enjoyed by children and adults all over
the world and is available on iTunes. Andy has performed
his award-winning children's music at schools, libraries,
festivals and parties and over the US and internationally
in Australia, England and Iceland.

Recent Submissions
"The Book of Rules" was established to outline acceptable practices and procedures in various social situations. Many everyday actions, while not illegal or immoral, are generally considered improper, and are outlined within this handbook. This manual establishes and reinforces life rules required to be a productive member of society. From guidelines on burping to protocol at the urinal to 'the 60-second sofa seat reservation', readers will laugh out loud as they acknowledge that many unwritten rules are written here - in great detail, and with strict guidelines. This is the book many of us have wanted to write, every time we say, 'If only everyone would...'. In addition, the book contains 'discrepancy forms' which can be used to cite a citizen who has committed an infraction of the rules.